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SMS Banking

Business Profile

SMS banking refers to the services sending text messages aboutthe account information and financial information to customers based on short message technology through the SMS platform of our Bank.

Functional Services

1. Notification of changes in personal account balance, including inflow change, like funds received, salary credited, outflow change, likeconsumption, withdrawal, transfer, deduction, etc.

2. Notification of changes in corporate account balance, including inflow and outflow changes in corporate account.
3. Notification of the marketing publicity, product promotion, and marketing activities, etc. carried out by the Bank.
4. Customer care and maintenance, such as holiday greetings, friendly alerts, etc.
Opening Process
All our customers being mobile users, Unicom users or telecommunications mobile phone users in Guangxi can apply for opening SMS banking services.
Customers can open SMS banking services at our counters, by internet banking or self-service terminals, etc. Note: Corporate users must open it at our counter.
(I) By Self-service Terminal
Step 1: Insert bank card or passbook into the self-service terminal, and input password according instruction;
Step 2: Select opening SMS alerts, input mobile phone number, and then press the Enter key.
(II) By Internet Banking
Step 1: Log on personal internet banking;
Step 2: Select “Mutual Channel Sign” of the “Customer Service”;
Step 3: In(
III) By Counter
put relevant information according to instruction, and submit it for opening.
1.Personal customers: Take ID card and account media (bankbook, bank card) to any office of our Bank and fill in the application form for opening SMS banking.
2.Corporate customers: Provide originals and photocopies of valid corporate documents, letter of authority (unnecessary if the legal person transact it in person), the originals and photocopies of the ID cards of the legal representative and operator, read carefully Regulations on E-bank of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd. and the Customer Service Agreement on E-bank of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd., fill in Corporate Business Service Application Form for E-bank of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd. with the reserved specimen seal and official seal of the corporate and the seal of the legal representative; submit the above information to the counter for opening SMS banking




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