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Personal Internet Banking

                                                  Personal Internet Banking

Business Profile
Personal internet banking of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd. is a kind of financial service provided to customers by our Bank through internet, including account query, transfer and remittance, self payment, financial services, and online services based on digital signature technology.
Opening Process
Self-signed Users
Log on the website of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd.—www.bankofbbg.com, click “personal Internet Banking” to enter the Login page, click “New User Registration”, and fill in information according instruction, and you will be our personal internet banking users after the registration is completed.
Digital Certificate Users, Scratch Card Users, SMS Users and Hardware Token Users
Take valid ID card and bank card/bankbook to any business office of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd., fill in Personal Business Application Form for E-bank of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd., apply for opening personal internet banking services, and you will be our personal internet banking users.
Digital Certificate Users: n
Step 1: Log on the website of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd.—www.bankofbbg.com, click the “Download” of “Personal Internet Banking”, and install the complete software package of the internet banking according to instructions.
Step 2: Click “Personal Internet Banking” to enter the Login page, and log on personal internet banking.
Step 3: After entering successfully, select “Download Certificate” in the “Security Center”, and download the certificate according to instructions for uses.
Scratch Card Users, SMS Users and Hardware Token Users:
Directly log on the personal internet banking for uses.
Features and Advantages
Convenient and Easy-to-use
l Just log on the personal internet banking of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd., no queuing, and don’t worry missing the opening hours, you can enjoy 7 x 24-hour personal financial services at home.
l The USB Key is drive-free, just plug and use it; convenient and rapid.
l Dynamic password card, SMS password, and hardware token are free of installation. Just open and use it.
Safe and Reliable
l Use digital signature and dynamic password technology to ensure the security of your personal data and financial transactions.
l Provide SMS alerts, ID authentication, limit control, and multi-password authentication to ensure transaction security.
l Provide a variety of security certification tools (digital certificate, Scratch Card, hardware token, SMS password) for you to choose, which is convenient and reliable.
Over-value Services
l Six categories and over forty professional financial services, including account query, transfer and remittance, self payment, financial services ,and investment advisory services etc.
l During the promotion period, the production charge, service fees, and transfer transaction cost and other services totaling 8 in quantity are all free, which is quite substantial.
Service Functions
1. Account Management
Provide account balance query, transaction details query, append/remove account, verbal report of loss/cancel report of loss, individualized setting, loan query, and other services.
Account management has the functions of account query and management, enabling users to enquire about account information of bank card, bankbook, current account, regular account and loan account; provides detailed account details query, handles the report of loss, appends/removes online contracting accounts, and conducts individualized settings for contracting accounts, etc.
2. Transfer and Remittance
Provide internal transfer, external transfer, bulk transfer, transfer result query, recipient list, scheduled transfer, and other services.
Provide the full range of transfer and remittance services, implement internal and interbank transfer and remittance, support bulk payments, provide professional bulk offline document production tool, and provide detailed transfer result query for customers to timely understand transfer transaction information at home.
The scheduled transfer can automatically complete transfer transaction according to pre-conditions to meet your demands on regular fixed transfer.
The recipient list can record common recipient, removing the trouble of inputting information of common recipient account over and again.
3. Self Payment
Provide bill payment service and bill payment service query, eliminating the trouble of paying the bill in person.
4. Financial Services
Provide mutual transfer between regular and fixed account, financial contract, call deposit, and other services.
Provide you mutual transfer between regular and fixed account, financial contract/maintenance of the bank card, call for the opening, reservation and maintenance of deposit and other financial services, which can effectively improve the capital gains of your accounts.
5. Customer Services
Provide nickname setting, personal information modification, shortcut menu setting, log query, channel cross-sign, large withdrawals reservation, and other services.
You can set individualized entering nickname, modify personal information, set common shortcut menu, enquire internet banking use records, open/close SMS banking, reserve large withdrawals, etc.
6. Security Center
Provide E-banking password modification, E-banking transaction password modification, USB Key information management, USB Key initialization, account protection, suspension of internet banking, certificate download/update, and SMS setting, and other services.
Provide you with the management of product with security certification, various password maintenance, protection of account information, suspension of internet banking services, certificate management, opening/closing of SMS and other security services.
Security Measures
Adhering to the concept of “Customer Foremost”, our Bank takes effective security measures in technology and management to ensure the security of your information and funds.
1. Digital Certificate
Issued by China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), our digital certificate as the Third-party certificate is much safer, more impartial and authoritative. Equipped with drive-free USB Key as storage medium, the certificate has various advantages such as being portable, plug and play, non-copyable, etc. And it eliminates the disadvantages of text certificate such as inconvenience and low security coefficient.
2. Hardware Token, Scratch Card and SMS
In addition to the digital certificate, our Bank also has hardware token, scratch card and SMS and other security tool to meet different demands of our users. These security tools needn’t be downloaded or installed. Just plug and play it with one-time password, which is safe and reliable.
3. Advanced Security Technology  s
Our Bank adopts the safe 1024-bit asymmetric key encryption certificate authentication and 128-bit SSL encryption information transmission technology approved by international standards, which can effectively identify customer identification. Meanwhile, our Bank provides password check service, making the security of internet banking superior to the security level of traditional settlement and thus guaranteeing the security of our customers’ information and funds.
4. Triple Password Authentication and Management System
The internet banking system of our Bank adopts triple password authentication—entering password, transaction password and USB Key password—with password error control for each kind of password, which effectively controls the risk of password cracking.
Our Bank gives priority to the triple authentication portfolio system of basic identification authentication + digital certificate authentication + dynamic password,which is upgraded in an all-round way.
5. Transaction Limit Control
Our Bank have corresponding limit control portfolio for various security tools and fund transactions, with different security tools for different transaction limits. Meanwhile, our Bank provides you with the transaction limit setting on channel and account to further ensure the security of your funds.
6. SMS Alerts
The internet banking of our Bank provides SMS alerts about logging and transfer transactions, so you can timely understand the use of your internet banking by your bundled mobile phone through the internet banking.
7. Detection and Control of Customer’s Password
The internet banking system of our Bank provides customer password security detection service to automatically evaluate the security level of the internet banking password you set, and offers risk tips to improve the security of using the internet banking. While our users are logging on the system and conducting transactions, our Bank provides additional codes and password soft keyboard to avoid the disclosure of your information.
8. Control of Transaction Process
During the operation process of the internet banking, all submitted transaction information and error information will clearly be displayed on the browser screen for you to fully understand the detailed information of your transactions.

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