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·Supervisor Huang Xinhuang Conducted Investigation in ASEAN Sub-branch[ 2013-05-17 ]
·Beibu Gulf Bank Won the Honor of “2012 Top 10 Small and Medium-sized Banks” and Board Chairman Teng[图文][ 2013-05-17 ]
·ice President Qian Yuntao Conducted Investigation in Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.[图文][ 2013-05-17 ]
·Board Chairman Teng Chong Won 2012 “Guangxi Labor Day Medal”[图文][ 2013-05-17 ]
·Successful Convention of 2012 Shareholders’ Meeting of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd.[图文][ 2013-05-17 ]
·Honest Government & Corruption Prevention Meeting 2013[ 2013-03-14 ]
·Xinhua: Beibu Gulf Bank took profits of 2.268 billion yuan in 2012, with an increase rate of 94.68%.[ 2013-03-14 ]
·GBGB Working Conference 2013[组图][ 2013-03-14 ]
·Teng Chong’s Visit to the Business Division[组图][ 2013-02-27 ]
·Zhao Xijun’s Visit to the Chengbei Subbranch on the First New Year Working Day[组图][ 2013-02-27 ]
·Tang Shibao’s Visit to the Business Division on the First New Year Working Day[组图][ 2013-02-27 ]
·Teng Chong’s Visit to the Jiangnan Subbranch[组图][ 2013-02-27 ]
·GBGB Remains Championship in Tournament[组图][ 2013-01-21 ]
·Overtime Working for Final Settlement[组图][ 2013-01-21 ]
·Innovation & Development Forum IV Launched[组图][ 2013-01-21 ]
·GBGB’s Seminar for Regional Government’s Strategy[组图][ 2013-01-21 ]
·The Workers’ Congress Held in Our Bank[图文][ 2012-12-28 ]
·The 1st Staff Sports Meet of Beibu Gulf Bank Held Successfully[组图][ 2012-12-28 ]
·The Listing Ceremony of the MSE Financial Service Center of the Beibu Gulf Bank[组图][ 2012-12-28 ]
·Zheng Xiaosong (Assistant Minister of Finance) Went for Investigation in Beibu Gulf Bank[组图][ 2012-12-28 ]
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