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Honest Government & Corruption Prevention Meeting 2013

In the morning of March 3, 2013, the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank (GBGB) held an annual working meeting of honest government and corruption prevention 2013. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary Yang Hanping, and Chairman Teng Chong, and Secretary Tang Shibao, Governor Zhao Xijun, BOS (the Board of Supervisors) President Huang Xinhuang, Deputy Governor Liu Jianping, Deputy Governor Qian Yuntao, and Deputy Governor Xie Hemin attended the meeting. 157 peoples from various branches, departments / offices, and working teams also attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Deputy Secretary Yang Hanping communicated the requirements proposed in the Fourth Plenary Session of the Tenth Discipline Inspection Commission in the Autonomous Region, reviewed GBGB’s works in honest government and corruption prevention in 2012, proposed eight opinions on clean government and corruption prevention in 2013, and informed evaluation results on honest government and corruption prevention of all the branches, departments/offices in 2012.

Then Secretary Tang Shibao proposed the following requirements from four aspects for GBGB’s clean government and corruption prevention in 2013: A. Conscientiously study and implement the requirements proposed in the 18th CPC National Congress and the Second Plenary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection; and fully reach consensus with theses requirements in thinking and actions. B. Strengthen and improve the working style, properly implement the Eight Provisions on improving working style and maintaining close ties with the masses by the central government. C. Further develop the punishment and prevention system to improve the effectiveness of anti-corruption work. D. Resolutely carry out the provisions of honest operations, strengthen incorrupt government cultural construction. E. Strengthen the construction of discipline inspection and supervision cadres, further play the role of discipline supervision and inspection team.

Finally, Chairman Teng Chong made an important speech and proposed requirements on GBGB’s corruption prevention works in 2013: The first is to strictly implement the responsibility system for corruption prevention. The second is to effectively enhance internal control and execution force. The third is to strengthen off-site monitoring and on-site inspection. The fourth is to strengthen the education and management on staffs. The fifth is to implement the rectification conscientiously.

During the meeting, GBGB also held the signing ceremony of responsibility certificates for honest government and corruption prevention in 2013; Chairman Teng Chong, Secretary Tang Shibao, and Governor Zhao Xijun signed these certificates (2013) with the directors from various branches, departments/offices, and working teams. (written by the Discipline Inspection Office under GBGB)

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