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Retail Banking

    Savings Deposit
        Current savings account
        Time savings Deposit
        Time-demand optional
        Personal notice deposit
        Education deposit
        Brief introduction to savings deposit service
    Personal Loans
        Personal housing loans
        Personal auto credit
        Personal business loans
        Personal consumption loans
        Other personal loans
    Financial Services
    Other Services
        Personal certificate of deposit
        Collection and payment services
Corporate Banking

    Deposit Settlement Business
        Corporate current deposits
        Corporate time deposits
        Totaline corporation call deposits
        Corporate agreement savings
        Cash check
        Check for transfer
    Loan and Finance Business
        Loan of operating fund
        Bridging loans
        Chattel mortgage
        Bank acceptance bill
        Discount bank acceptance
        Fixed asset loans
        Temporary revolving loans for project
        Real estate development loans
        Stand-by loans
        Syndicated loans
        Credit asset transfer
        Domestic factoring
        Confirmation warehouse business
        Security business
        Loan commitment
    Integrated Financial Business
        Financial consultant
        Trust financial products
        Payroll credit
        Consignment collection
        Accumulation of agency funds
        Premium collection
        Entrusted loans
Capital Business

    Interbank Borrowing (Lending) Business
    Interbank Deposits
    Repo Operations
    Bond Investment Services
    Bills Rediscount Business
    Bond Financing Business
SME Financial Services

    Integrated Loan Services
        Fast loans for SME
        Working capital revolving loans for SME
        Group joint credit for SME
        Micro business loan
International Business

    Financing Products
        Import trade financing
        Export trade financing
    Settlement Products
        Letter of Guarantee/Standby letter of Credit

    Internet Banking
        Corporate internet banking
        Personal internet banking
    SMS Banking
    Telephone Banking 96288
    POS Services
    Client Service Center
Bank Card

    Debit Card

Client Services

    ATM Sites
    Network Sites
    Indicators and Data
        Interest rates for savings deposits and loans
        Exchange rates and quoted prices
        Charge standard
        Rules for interest calculation and settlement
        Annual Report
        Branch Location
    Contact Us
        Service hotline
        Client service email
    International Banking Contacts
About Us

        Honors and Awards
    Institutional Development
        Institution Setting of Head Office
    Announcement and News
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